Image contributor -----------------Richmond winning the A10 tourney pops the bubble for Notre Dame as I have them as the first team OUT.  With only 2 Q1 wins and 2 Q2 wins being the main factor in my decision.  Xavier, barely holds on despite totally crumbling the last month of the season. Ultimately their 9 wins against the top 2 quads was enough to keep them in the field.

March 12th Bracket

Image contributor -------Lots of auto bids will be handed out today as well as some potential bid stealers.  A&M, VA Tech, St. Louis and Dayton can all still play themselves into the tourney

March 11th Bracket

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March 10th Bracket

Image contributor Wake's lost to BC combined with a brutal NCSOS and only 1 Q1 win, drops them out of the tournament for me.  Xavier with another bad loss continues their slide and very well could find themselves out soon.

March 8th Bracket

Image contributor There will be 6 auto bids handed out tonight and then Wednesday will be the day when some bubble teams will play themselves in, or out, of the tournament.

March 7th Bracket

Image contributor Will be updating daily throughout Championship Week

March 3rd Bracket

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