March 6th Bracket

 How my bracket stands before the power conference tournaments start this week: contributor

Feb 27th Bracket

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Feb 24th Bracket

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 First post of the season: contributor


Image contributor -----------------Richmond winning the A10 tourney pops the bubble for Notre Dame as I have them as the first team OUT.  With only 2 Q1 wins and 2 Q2 wins being the main factor in my decision.  Xavier, barely holds on despite totally crumbling the last month of the season. Ultimately their 9 wins against the top 2 quads was enough to keep them in the field.

March 12th Bracket

Image contributor -------Lots of auto bids will be handed out today as well as some potential bid stealers.  A&M, VA Tech, St. Louis and Dayton can all still play themselves into the tourney